Company Profile

Damash Minerals is a Portuguese company, founded in 2010 whose main objective is the promotion, research and development of mining projects.

This company is part of the Damash Assets Group, whose main shareholder is the former Portuguese international Luis Figo, who decided, after finishing his football career, expand your mind and the collective experience of successful promotion and participatory development in developing countries, through investments in the mining sector enabling, through a process of mutual benefit, the various natural resources in these countries.

Damash Minerals adopted a philosophy of participatory promotion and development of local technical capabilities. The Damash Minerals, as an investor, ensures compliance with local laws and regulations.
Dedicated to the development of mining projects, Damash is taking its first steps in the West African sub-region, and is currently with important and significant mining concessions in Senegal, Guinea, Burkina Faso and ongoing installation in Mali and Mauritania.

Damash Minerals relies, among its technical staff and shareholders, with a strong team with expertise and proven relational, able to effectively and efficiently explore any project in the sector. Currently the company is consolidating its ambition to be among the leading European companies to invest in research and development sector in Africa, particularly in relation to mineral exploration for gold, iron, phosphate, Copper and Bauxite.

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SenegalFlag_small Senegal

Licence KoldaLicence Noumoufouga
Licence Kolda

Decree nr. 007433/MMIAPME/DMG

Substance: Fosfates

Área: 2.645Km2

Region of Kolda

Licence Noumoufouga

Decree nr.

Substance: Gold

Área: 21Km2

Region of Kedougou

gn_small Guiné Conakry

Licença BaylaLicence Mandiana NorteLicence Mandiana SulLicence Siguiri
Licença Bayla

Decree nr. A2010/4206/PR/MMEH/SGG

Substance: Ferro

Área: 500Km2

Perfeitura de Bayla

Licence Mandiana Norte

Decree nr. A2010/4653/MMG/SGG

Substance: Gold

Área: 80Km2

Prefecture of Mandiana Norte

Licence Mandiana Sul

Decree nr. A2010/4205/MMG/SGG

Substance: Gold

Área: 97Km2

Prefecture of Mandiana Sul

Licence Siguiri

Decree nr.

Substance: Bauxite and Gold

Área: 500Km2

Prefecture de Siguiri



Rua Mario Botas, 27 Aroeira
Charneca da Caparica

Fax: +351 21 145 4007


8 Rte Meridien  President R/C esq
CP 11241

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